Selfportrait by Duo Portra Studio, 2013

As a self-taught photographer - I decided to study philosophy and history in order to find more questions to ask through photography, I guess - my approach versus my art has always been one based on historical (allegorical) and social practices. This evolved into a body of work around 'absence and photography'. Does photography as an art presuppose the presence or interference of an autonomous, free subject - the artist/photographer? Does it require an end product, a visible and present result - the photograph? Can photography, as an art form, create value and meaning in contemporary society, where not soon, but now, computers can create new images without human interference?
Can a 21st century photographer abandon the modernist-existentialist paradigma of his art, embodied by e.g. Cartier-Bresson or Stephen Shore?

Between 2009 and 2014 I realised a series of projects around these questions. Some of the results can be found here: 29 Luchten (2010), 333*365*n (2010-2011) en Duo Portra Studio (2013-2014). 

For 2018 I follow up to this triptych with two new projects: Photographic-Therapeutic Walks, (3600 Steps), and Currency, a Polaroid Portrait Studio.